Transfer Service from London Gatwick Airport to Benfleet

Published August 02, 2023

London Gatwick Airport:


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When a new community grew to the north of the ancient settlement and took the name Little Benfleet, the village in Saxon times became known as South Benfleet. The new community was short-lived, and today's North Benfleet remains mostly rural on the ground where it formerly stood.

South Benfleet:

A tiny town with a population of about 50,000 people, South Benfleet is situated 30 miles east of London and 10 miles west of Southend-on-Sea. Along with Thundersley, Hadleigh, and Canvey Island, it is located within the Castle Point local government district.
In 1855, the railway was introduced to the town. The town was connected to London Fenchurch Street station and Southend-on-Sea to the east by the new Benfleet railway station.

North Benfleet:

North of the settlement, around one mile (1.6 kilometers) north of the A13 major road and close to the A127, is where you'll find the Church of All Saints. The Orthodox Church restored it to regular use in March 2013 after it had fallen into disrepair due to years of inactivity, and it currently hosts weekly services.

Transfer Services:

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Special Occasions and Events:

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Reserve Car Service:

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